As Halloween approaches, it's time to get ready with your creepy costumes, scary masks, eerie decorations, and, of course, horror-themed postcards, stickers, posters, and gift-wrapping paper.

In this study, we will delve into the world of mythical creatures, legendary monsters, and dark styles of Midjourney—to help you create a unique Halloween design. Let's get started!

The Halloween Roots

Halloween has ancient roots that trace back to the Celtic festival of Samhain, a celebration marking both the new year and the end of the harvest season.

The Celts believed that on this day, the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest, allowing spirits to roam freely. To ward off these spirits, they wore ritualistic costumes and built bonfires—early precursors to today's Halloween traditions.

For instance, today's children go trick-or-treating on Halloween to collect candy and other treats from their neighbors. This custom derives from the Celtic belief that leaving offerings of food and drink for the dead would appease them and prevent them from harming the living.

Another great example involves apples—a popular Halloween food also used in decorations and games, such as bobbing for apples. In the times of Samhain, apples were associated with Pomona, the Celtic goddess of fruit and trees.

In this study, we provide an overview of what Midjourney recognizes—including titles, names, and expressions—so we can later use these as references in our Halloween designs. Let's get to it!

Mythical creatures

In the realm of Halloween, a special place is devoted to mythical creatures, urban myths, and horror icons from literature and movies.

From the haunting tales of Dracula and Frankenstein to modern-day urban legends like Jack the Ripper, these characters and stories offer a rich source of inspiration for Halloween-related Midjourney art. Of course, it's not possible to list all the spooky names and horror titles that Midjourney recognizes, so I encourage you to experiment for yourself. Voldemort, zombies, Michael Myers, vampires, Cthulhu, and werewolves are just a few of the more obvious options. Here are some lesser-known ones to consider.


But of course, the most recognizable symbol of Halloween is undoubtedly the Jack-o'-lantern—a pumpkin with a carved face.

However, did you know that in the regions where Samhain originated, the first Jack-o'-lanterns were actually crafted from turnips and potatoes? Pumpkins only became the go-to material when the tradition made its way to the U.S. in the 1800s.

Postcards, Posters, Stickers

Becoming an integral part of Halloween celebrations starting in the 1900s, postcards were once incredibly popular. In fact, between 1905 and 1920, over 3,000 unique Halloween postcard designs were created.

The now-traditional black and orange color scheme serves dual symbolism. Black represents death and darkness, which is why it's commonly associated with Halloween elements like bats, witches' hats, spiders, and cats.

Orange, on the other hand, represents the warmth and abundance of the harvest season. Contrary to popular belief, the orange color doesn't originate from pumpkins. According to one theory, it symbolizes the fires that the Celts lit to ward off ghosts during Samhain.

Midjourney is a wonderful instrument for creating designs intended for printing.

However, notice, how Midjourney treats simple prompts like 'Halloween poster by...', giving it roughly the same composition and plot. Let's try and get something more unique — using detailed references, --stylize, and even --weird parameters!

And don't forget the unsung heroes of Halloween aesthetics—the decorative patterns that set the mood for this spooky celebration, adorning our homes and wrapping gifts. To produce cool patterns, do try --tile!

Masks and costumes

We've already established that the color orange is strongly associated with Halloween, largely due to the bonfires lit during Samhain. But how did the tradition of wearing costumes come about?

Interestingly, bonfires play a role here as well. In ancient times, "bone fires" were started by burning cattle bones during the winter months. The ashes from these fires were used as a form of camouflage to hide from malevolent spirits, eventually giving rise to the tradition of wearing costumes.

In various cultures, including ancient Roman and medieval European societies, festivals resembling Halloween allowed for temporary role reversals.

Commoners could dress as royalty and vice versa, providing a brief escape from societal norms. Being one of the few occasions when cross-dressing was socially acceptable, Halloween also allowed people the freedom to explore different gender roles and identities.

Midjourney can help with mask and costume design wether you are a professional designer looking for inspiration, or a DIY-enthusiast.

Printing Midjourney postcards

What could be more rewarding than transforming your digital AI art into a tangible object?

In COnclusion

I hope this study has provided insights into the history and symbols of Halloween, as well as how they can be incorporated into Midjourney AI art. These creations can ultimately serve as physical objects, tokens of your attention, Halloween party invitations, or unique decorations for your home (or yourself).

Thank you for joining us, and Happy Halloween! 👻


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All samples are produced by Midlibrary team using Midjourney AI. Naturally, they are not representative of real artists' works/real-world prototypes.

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