Andrei Kovalev's Midlibrary is a carefully curated collection of hand-picked Midjourney Styles and a Midjourney Guide

We are a non-profit educational initiative run by a group of dedicated Midjourney enthusiasts and volunteers.

Midlibrary grows every day, as we search for new artists and techniques, test them in Midjourney, categorize, describe, "featurize," catalog, and upload them to the website.

Some of those styles are so fantastic, that our Experimentarium department takes them to their test labs and runs The Benchmark. (⌐O__o)

We hand-picked
Midjourney styles for Midlibrary Catalog
Styles are marked with
Features to help you explore the catalog
Our labs produced
Benchmarks for the most interesting styles

Another direction our passion for Midjourney takes is information and education.

We release in-depth Guides on different aspects of Midjourney (and AI art in general!). make thematic compilations with the interesting styles—Tops, and have just started production of Video Guides↗︎.

Every week we update our Catalog with new styles, Benchmarks and Tops. And then there are irregular Guides. That's a lot of pictures!

Think of it: adding new style to the Catalog requires V4, V5 and niji samples, a cover image (usually there are more than one), and Midlibrary by (also multiple in many cases).

So here is The Big Number: we store
image files in database.

The best reward for our work is it being helpful for the Community. Here are some numbers that encourage us and inspire Midlibrary advancements.

The astonishing
Midjourneyers became Midlibrary users.
Monthly, Midlibrary Catalog and Guides are viewed

And speaking of the Community...

Midlibrary community is

Midlibrary Team members
Volunteers and Contributors
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It is thanks to you that we continue doing what we love, maintain the best Midjourney Styles Library, and produce better and more regular (we-el... we are doing our best!) educational content.

days since Midlibrary birth on August 5
days since Midlibrary 2.0 launched

Thank you for your interest in Midlibrary!
Happy midjourneys,

— Andrei Kovalev AKA Librarian

Wait a second... Who is Andrei Kovalev?

Andrei Kovalev, Librarian and visual artist
I am a visual artist ↗ with 17 years of experience in portrait photography, film, mask design, and education.

As Midjourney AI and its analogs are revolutionizing the world of art and our creativity itself, I am overwhelmingly excited to explore the limits of these fantastic new tools.

My goal with this project is to help, inform, educate, and otherwise develop the Midjourney Community.

You can help us maintain and expand Midlibrary and produce more regular educational content of higher quality. And keep it free for all!

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All samples are produced by Midlibrary team using Midjourney AI (if not stated otherwise). Naturally, they are not representative of real artists' works/real-world prototypes.

We'll be grateful for shares and backlinks!

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Andrei Kovalev's Midlibrary
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Ralph Steadman
Andrei Kovalev's Midlibrary
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