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We are excited to launch a new Midlibrary section— Midlibrary Recommends. Here, we will review various Midjourney courses, tools, and projects curating a collection of the most interesting, valuable, and enriching options available.

Today, we begin with one of the most comprehensive and insightful courses on the market: Christian Heidorn’s “Masters of Midjourney.”

Midlibrary recommends

Course: Masters Of Midjourney

Video Lessons + Text Recaps
50+ lessons
7+ hours of video lessons
Beginner's knowledge of basic apps (like your Web Browser and Discord)
Internet connection
Paid version of Midjourney (starting from $8/month)
Valuable for
Complete Beginners and Advanced Users alike
$149 with 25% Midlibrary discount
+ Buy Once, Own Forever license
+ Course updates included

Course Overview

Christian Heidorn’s “Masters of Midjourney” is structured into four parts, each building progressively on the previous one, deepening the learner's understanding and skills.

Part 1: Getting Started

The intoductory part of the ourse focuses on the basics, offering a quick start guide for beginners. Heidorn introduces the foundational elements of prompt syntax and the initial steps necessary to begin with Midjourney. He covers essential setup steps, such as creating a Discord account, joining the Midjourney server, and initiating the first image prompts. The simplicity and clarity of this introduction provide a solid base for the more complex lessons that follow.

Part 2: Foundations of Prompting

In Part 2 of te course, Heidorn delves deeper into core techniques and methodologies for effective prompting. This section is crucial for users aiming to refine their image creation skills.

Christian provides students with a clear and easy-to-understand Prompting Framework for both, the latest Midjourney V6 and earlier versions.

Heidorn guides users through the entire image creation process, from overcoming 'prompter's block' to crafting detailed prompts that yield controlled outcomes.

The course emphasizes the importance of clear and descriptive language in prompts, introducing methods such as Additive Prompting, Poetic Prompting, and Image Prompting.

Understanding and utilizing descriptors like composition, medium, camera effects, lighting, colors, and artist styles enhance the quality and specificity of generated images.

Finally, Part 2 introduces students to Basic Image Manipulation using Midjourney's various tools, such as Pan, Zoom, and Vary (Region), further expanding their creative capabilities.

Part 3: Advanced Prompting Methods

“Advanced Prompting Methods” takes learning to the next level with more sophisticated techniques.

This section covers Multiprompts, where users blend Multiple Text Prompts with assigned weights for greater control, and Layered Multiprompts, combining Additive Prompting and Multiprompting to create complex images.

Techniques like Image Stacking, Reverse Engineering, Semantic Remix, and Scaffolding Remix provide tools for refining and achieving more complex and controlled outputs, further pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Midjourney.

Part 4: Productivity

The final part focuses on productivity, offering techniques to speed up and streamline workflows.

Heidorn introduces the --tile parameter for creating seamless patterns, presets for streamlining workflow, and batch prompting techniques to optimize output.

The ultimate chapter is devoted to Integrating tools like ChatGPT for style emulation and custom style creation, along with the Promptalot web application and its Chrome extension to efficiently manage and organize prompts.

Course FormatAccessibility

Each section of the course begins with an introduction that outlines the plan and value of its contents and concludes with a recap video that reinforces what you have learned. Additionally, each lesson includes a text recap below the video, often with links to useful resources, so you don’t have to take notes.

Requirements: TimePacing

The videos in Christian's course range from just a minute to ten minutes, making the information easy to process and each step comfortable to pace as you wish. You can learn bit by bit, paying close attention to each small chapter, or you can "move fast and break things" if you prefer a quicker approach.

In both cases, prepare yourself for an intense experience and be ready to alot enough time to process all the valuable informaton.

Sneak Peek Watch Full Lesson

Want to see what the course looks and feels like? Watch a full lesson from Part 2!

From it, you will learn about Additive Prompting, also known as Dynamic Prompting, an intuitive, iterative method to achieve controllable desired results in Midjourney—starting with a simple idea and progressively adding details and modifications to refine your image.

Conclusion: ProsCons

Comprehensive Coverage: The course covers all essential and advanced aspects of Midjourney, ensuring a deep understanding for all levels.
Updates Take Time: Christian keeps his course up-to-date, adding videos for Midjourney’s new updates and innovations. However, this process can be slow, so don’t expect a new video immediately after a fresh Midjourney release.
Structured Learning: Divided into four parts, each section builds on the previous one, providing a clear learning path.
Time Commitment: While the videos are short, the course as a whole requires a significant time investment.
Beginner-Friendly: The course starts with basic steps, making it accessible for complete beginners.
Limited Interactivity: As an online course, it may lack the interactive elements of a live workshop or class, and might not be taylored to individual needs.
Practical Techniques: Offers practical, hands-on techniques that can be applied immediately.
Price: The course might be expensive for some users.
Detailed Recaps: Each lesson has a text recap and links to useful resources, aiding in retention and further exploration.
Engaging Format: Short, concise video lessons cater to modern learning preferences.
Expert Instruction: Taught by a seasoned expert in the field, providing reliable and valuable insights.
Community Benefits: Encourages joining the Midjourney server and community, enhancing the learning experience through interaction.
Productivity Focus: Includes tips and tools for streamlining workflows and increasing efficiency.

Final Thoughts

Having been deeply involved in exploring Midjourney since V3 was released in June 2022 and having written numerous in-depth guides for Midlibrary, I consider myself a knowledgeable and experienced Midjourney enthusiast. However, after taking Christian’s course, I was pleasantly surprised by how many new tricks, concepts, and ideas I could learn. "Masters of Midjourney" benefits both complete beginners and advanced users alike.

Christian Heidorn’s “Masters of Midjourney” stands out as a comprehensive, well-structured learning experience that develops and enhances skills across all user levels. Whether you are just starting or are an advanced professional, this course offers valuable insights and practical techniques to elevate your Midjourney creations.

In support of an exceptional educational product, we've collaborated with Christian Heidorn to provide a special 25% discount for the “Masters of Midjourney” course!

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Happy midjourneys,

Meet Christian Heidorn

Christian has been a tech-minded creator ever since his childhood. Whether it was his own digital artwork, designing websites, or teaching himself to code, creating things online has literally been his hobby for over 25 years.
Take that passion, his business degree, 8 years of experience working in a multinational corporation and throw it all into a blender. What you get is a highly-effective all-rounder, a generalist, and a jack of all trades in the best sense of the word.
Over the past 15 years, his various online endeavors (some more and some less successful) have generated well over $1.5M in sales.
When Christian finally discovered Midjourney in 2022, he immediately fell in love with its intriguing combination of artistic as well as highly technical elements. Using his technical skills and a good eye for design and aesthetics, he dove head-first into the fascinating world of AI art.
Since then, he has not only built the YouTube channel Tokenized AI↗︎ with over 72,000+ subscribers but also launched his comprehensive foundational course “Masters of Midjourney” with close to 500+ successful graduates.

All samples are produced by Midlibrary team using Midjourney AI (if not stated otherwise). Naturally, they are not representative of real artists' works/real-world prototypes.

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